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Raki Pendant

Lapping of dried and pressed banana leaves is the process of producing the Raki Pendants. Each pendant completely unique as the banana leaves used are from different banana leaf palms, are of different ages and all react different to the dehydration process. The results are a warm and well-crafted dome that beams light beautiful under its canopy. Medium 60cm diameter x 50cm high, Large 80cm diameter x 70cm high

Pairs Well With

Rajas Tray


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Liz's Styling Notes

Raki Pendants are a statement pendant and will be the anchor to your space. They sit beautifully over your kitchen island or dining table and bring warmth to your space as the light reflects off the brown tones of the dried banana leaves. Given the texture and patterns in the Raki Pendant, keep your styling underneath the pendants to a minimum; a low timber oval platter or bowl with some lotus pods works beautifully - as seen in our We Wabi House.