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Ovatus Dining Table

Made from recycled teakwood, our Ovatus Dining Table is the most beautiful centrepiece for your Dining Room. Its handcrafted raw and rutted top rest atop substantial supports, the design allowing the rustic character of the wood to take centre stage. Each one-of-a-kind table displays the nicks, knots and imperfections that speak to the wood's former life. Comfortably seating 6 people. 120cm wide x 180cm long x 76cm high

Pairs Well With

Liz's Styling Notes

The rough-hewn planks that make up Ovatus give this dining table an abundance of character, so let Ovatus be the hero. Some small and subtle pieces can be added to the table top however keep them natural and neutral.

Our Pereti set sits lovely stacked atop Ovatus and is beautiful when mismatched, uniting all the pieces of wood into one charming setting.