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Ata Mirror

Rough-hewn reclaimed wood, salvaged from old railway ties, is repurposed to create our Ata mirror collection. Free of ornamentation, the frame's clean lines and minimal finishing allow the rustic character of the wood to take centre stage. Each mirror frame displays the cracks, knots and other imperfections that only age and the elements can impart. Small 40cm x 70cm, Medium 70cm x 100cm, Large 90cm x 200cm

Pairs Well With

Manga Side Table


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Liz's Styling Notes

Ata Mirror Collection is beautifully styled in many rooms of your home or commercial space. I prefer leaning my mirrors against the wall rather than hanging them as I love the way the timber sits against a concrete floor or textured wall or console table. The use of more than one mirror is also a fun way to play with styling the Ata Collection.