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Kākaho Armchair


Inspired by the waves of the ocean, Kākaho Armchair is a result of Craftsmanship excellence. Interlaced with thousands and thousands of stems of a slender palm, commonly referred to as rattan, and whilst Kākaho has visual presence due to it's size, its curvilinear lines creates softness.

Kākaho cushion included.

100cm wide x 75cm high x 85cm long

Pairs Well With

Miraka Stool


Out of stock

Liz's Styling Notes

Accent chairs or large armchairs are a favourite of interior designers, perfect for adding some design interest to a space, filling awkward or unloved corners, and introducing colour and pattern in a way that isn't intimidating. However Kākaho's beauty is one that should be made a focal point to your space. Two Kākaho Armchairs take prime position at our We Wabi House sitting front and centre to our living room. There truly is no other place for them, in fact much of the design of this room originally was based around two very large armchairs so we can sit and watch over the Bay. One or two Kākaho Armchairs will be sufficient in your home. Keep your side table or coffee table low to the ground as the Armchairs are low and give the illusion that they are fixed to the floor. Don't over do it with soft furnishings, one small back cushion with be enough. The artistry with these chairs should not be hidden.