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Styled at the We Wabi House

Styled at the We Wabi House

Looking up from the tranquil shores of Ligar Bay, you will find, nestled somewhere in the gentle rise and fold of the rugged New Zealand coastline, the We Wabi House, a visually stunning architectural achievement of beauty, spirituality and functionality. This house, as its name alludes, is the holiday home designed, constructed and styled by WA-based husband and wife duo Mark and Liz. The house was created to be their escape, a sacred place for their family to retreat, to rest and rejuvenate, and to be nourished.

The evolution of the We Wabi House has spanned almost 13 years. It has been a labour of hard work, dedication, and most importantly, love. With Mark’s background in wood carpentry and Liz’s innate gift of understanding how to soothe the soul with her flair for styling and design, the couple’s combined skillset, along with their aesthetic and appreciation for the natural world works in harmony, not only embracing the imperfect but celebrating its wonder.

The central quality of the We Wabi House is in its luxurious handmade nature. Every single detail, every object has been crafted by their touch: hand woven, hand chiselled, hand sanded. This approach is what authenticates the space, what has layered the home with dimension, hidden interest and depth, ultimately giving the We Wabi House its Zen energy.

The exterior and interior of the home strikes that perfect (or in this case, imperfect) balance — an effortless blend of creature comforts and designer luxury. The architecture and interior design of the house incorporates timber in all kinds of finishes; polished, discoloured, porous, grizzled. This also goes for their use of concrete and metals too where patina and even rust from environmental wear and tear are highlighted, enhanced. From heavy barn doors to a rustic outdoor shower, honey-toned floorboards and bleached timber walls, the chunky wool blankets on the beds and the rumpled linen curtains that softly filter the sunlight and sway along with the sea breeze, every single detail has been considered, and the effect is grounding. Along with the encroaching trees of the property and the clear view of the ocean, the We Wabi House makes a stunning statement in how it invites the unfettered beauty of nature inside, and with an open mind and heart.

If you wish to experience it for yourself, you can book your next dream holiday on Airbnb. For Mark and Liz’s expertise in residential and hospitality design, they offer a personalised service that can help see your vision all the way through from concept to completion. And if all you are after is simply one of their beautiful custom-designed furniture pieces that ranges from something as grand as the dining table made out of recycled railway timber, or the Kakaho Armchair which has been inspired by the curve of the shoreline, the roll of ocean waves, every single item, and many more, are available for purchase on their online store.