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Our Coastal Renovation

Our Coastal Renovation

At its very essence, this is the story of a house.

A house that, until a few years ago, sat quietly down a leafy green Sorrento street, its red bricks and layout serving as somewhat of a stamp, dated with 1970’s ink.

Some people might have glanced as they passed it and simply carried on. For Liz and Mark however, the house caught their attention and they immediately saw an opportunity they couldn’t turn away from. The three bedroom, one bathroom house was unassuming, humble…and packed to the brim, full of potential.

After the initial structural assessment, walls were knocked through, windows replaced, carpet lifted and original timber beams exposed. A transformation of the little red brick house was well and truely underway.

Today, stepping into the dreamy coastal home, it is hard to imagine that it once looked any other way. A sense of continuity is felt with the easy flow of movement between indoors and outdoors, while the use of raw materials and the pleasing palette of milky whites and coconut creams are both welcoming and inspiring.

The impressive kitchen island, living room plinth and stairs throughout the home are all created from off-form white concrete while the flooring is concrete applied by hand, giving it a unique colour and shadowing effect. Every decision and detail in this home has been made with intention and with purpose.

‘We like spaces that are open and airy, free of clutter allowing for a more calming space without being overwhelmed by bright colours or dark areas,’ explains Liz.

This approach can also be seen in the thoughtfully selected artwork and decor throughout their home. The use of natural materials such as palm fronds, seagrass and other palm off cuts are striking against a backdrop of neutral tones and connect the interior with nature.

Palms also feature outside, with reclaimed limestone rocks that hug the landscaped garden of Dragon Trees, Birds of Paradise and Date Palms. Again, decisions have been made with clear intention and mindfulness here, with the use of limestone rubble in the garden beds keeping the earth damp during summer, meaning less water it used.

While there are multiple areas to relax outside, including under the cabana at the alfresco dining table, on one of the sun loungers (purchase yours through We Wabi here) or on the deck lounge suit, the real hero of the garden is undoubtedly the white concrete sunken pool. Converted from a large water tank, it was rendered with a natural finish and is reminiscent of a Palm Springs Slim Aarons photoshoot backdrop. The poolside provides an idyllic place to chat long into warm summer evenings, enjoy a late night dip or do a little star gazing at the clear Western Australian sky.

Perhaps one of the most alluring parts of this beautiful home, is that from the other side of the heavy wooden gates, you’d never know it’s there. Once inside those gates, life seems to quieten a little, time slows down and the day feels calmer.

In fact, it would be easy to settle in and never want to leave this haven of a home. And really, why would you. It could well be the best kept secret in Sorrento.